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"""No esperes más para poder ampliar tus conocimientos idiomáticos y solicita hoy mismo este curso de Inglés de Negocios a distancia que te ofrece Delena Formación. Completa tu currículo adquiriendo conocimientos idiomáticos aplicados a situaciones de negocios para que sepas, entre otras cosas, cómo desarrollar una reunión o cómo negociar en inglés. """

Temario completo de este curso

SECTION A: Getting the Job!
1. The Job Search
Online job search engines
Job search and recruitment vocabulary
Trade fairs

2. How to Prepare a CV in English
Tips for writing a good CV
50 Super verbs to make your CV stand out
The CV format
Five things to avoid!
Presentation of your CV
Example CVs

3. Preparing a Cover Letter
Follow up letters
Use of descriptive verbs and adjectives
Sample cover letters

4. In the Job Interview
How to prepare
Typical interview questions
Other preparations for the job interview

5. Working Abroad
The UK

SECTION B: Doing Business in English
6. Numbers and Money
The rules!
Let’s practice
Pronouncing money

7. On the Telephone
Tips for success on the telephone
20 of the most important terms related to the telephone
Pronouncing telephone numbers
Expressions to use on the telephone
Saying dates
The alphabet
Organizing meetings and appointments
Putting it all into practice – An example

8. Email
The subject line
Addressing the recipient
Beginning your email
Don’t make too many points in each email
Be clear on the type of response you want to receive
Closing your email
Attaching files
Before sending
Putting it all together – A few examples

9. Meetings
Why are you having the meeting?
Meeting terminology
Four tips to ensure the success of your meetings

10. Presentations
Why are you giving a presentation?
Different types of presentations
Know your material and rehearse it
Using notes
Presentation design
Choosing a title
What tools should I use in my presentation?
Visual aids
Describing charts and graphs
Know the audience
Know the room
Body language
Cultural considerations
Voice quality
Answering difficult questions
Presentation checklist

11. Negotiating
Styles of negotiation - “Adversarial” versus “Cooperative bargaining"
Planning your negotiation
Preparation checklist
How to structure negotiations
Important points to remember
What to do when a truly great deal is impossible
Negotiating tactics
What to do when tactics (or tricks) are used on you
Useful negotiation phrases
Translation lists

SECTION C: Advanced Business Topics
12. Marketing
Needs, wants and demands
Value, satisfaction and quality
Marketing management
Strategic planning
Understanding the market
and your customers
The marketing mix
Marketing research
Product positioning
Marketing tools
Marketing vocabulary! 25 words you should know
Translation lists

13. Finance & Investing
Investment analysis
Investment valuation models
Finance and investing vocabulary! 25 words you should know
Finance and investing translation lists

14. Accounting
Financial statements
The accounting cycle
The accounting cycle – A practical example
Accounting vocabulary! 25 words you should know
Accounting translation lists

15. Insurance
What is insurance?
Types of insurance
Whole vs. Term life insurance
Insurance vocabulary! 25 words you should know
Insurance translation lists

16. Economics
Supply and demand
Gross domestic product
The business cycle
International trade
Interest rates
Economic policy - Monetary policy and fiscal policy
Economics vocabulary! 25 words you should know
Economics translation lists

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