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Curso de Inglés - Pet Level. Toefl & Cambridge

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There is / there are. Irregular plural nouns. Possessives. Questions and answers. How much / many. Third person singular with regular and irregular verbs, negatives and yes / no questions. Present simple / continuous. Questions. Words. Do you ever...? Positive and negative sentences. Short answers. Questions with was / were and did. Negative and inverted questions. A / an. Plural nouns. Regular / irregular. Possessive adjectives. Possessive pronoums. Possessive's. Subject / object pronouns. A, some and any. One, ones. Frequency adverbs. Much, many, a lot. Food and drink. Comparative and superlative adjectives. There is a ... / there are some. Is there a / are there any?. How many ... are there?. Have to. Don't have to. Perfect with ever / never. Present perfect or simple past. Questions forms with the present simple, be / have got. Question words. Short answers. Present continuous / simple. Modals: obligation and posibility.


Time expressions. Quantity expressions. First conditional. Second conditional. Adverbial in sentences. For / since. Past simple / past continuous. Present perfect simple or past simple. Comparative and superlative adjectives. As ... as. Used to. The passive. Defining relative clauses. Guessing meaning from context. Parts of speech. Idioms. Phrasal verbs. Negatives with: un-, in-, dis-, non-. Oppositives. Pronuntiation. English on CD. Conversation. Comprehesion. Grammar. Vocabulary. Video. Magazine. PET Evaluation.

Cambridge Certification

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