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Curso de Marketing management

Curso en Barcelona (Barcelona)


5.100 €

Our highly expe rience d and qualified staff create a supportive environment where students are able to gain in depth knowledgeand understanding of mechanis ms and techniques of marketing and are encouraged to develope their own ideas.

Temario completo de este curso

•• To provide students with the best tools,
knowledge and abilities in order to succeed
at executive level in marketing management.
•• To show them how to make beneficial decisions
on an international level through
an accurate analysis of the global market,
strategic planning, market segmentation,
as well as budget management.
•• To effectively teach the ethical principles
required of an executive in this field.

The methodology is based on active learning
and ongoing practice. Effective and beneficial
training comes as a direct result of being actively
involved in the course.
All members of the teaching staff are leading
professionals in their chosen field.

Module 1
The Marketing Management in the company
Module 2
Product Manager
Module 3
Products Strategy and Brand Positioning
Module 4
Sales Forecasts
Module 5
Product quality, logistics and distribution
Module 6
Trade Fairs, Conventions and Congresses
Module 7
Customer Marketing
Module 8
Marketing in Industrial Companies and
Service Companies
Module 9
Optimization of product margins. Price Policy
Module 10
Determining Global Commercial Budgets.
Profits Maximization
Module 11
Strategic External Analysis
Module 12
Analysis of the Consumer’s Behaviour
Module 13
Technological Innovation applied to Marketing
Module 14
Module 15
Markets internationalization and globalization
Module 16
Application of Marketing 2.0 in the company
Module 17
Social Responsibility Marketing: strategies
Module 18
Balance Scorecard
Module 19
Final Project

Date: 2-mar-15. 29-feb-16

Hours: 2 days weekdays 19:00 to 22:00. Saturdays from 9:00 to 14:00

Price: 5100€ (1200 + 3900)

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