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Curso de Human Resources Management Innovation Program

Curso Online

With the aim of developing the productivity by applying new methodologies, we offer companies and professionals the Human Resources Management Innovation Program. By targeting a single department and emphasizing on its needs, and capabilities via practical and theoretical case studies, you will explore how innovative changes can improve the overall performance of an organization. You will be guided by professors who are leaders in digital transformation. They will share experiences and show you how to analyse, consider and apply new methodologies. Providing solutions and helping you to have a different approach going forward.

Objetivos: Introduce new methods that can transform your HR department and grow your business Begin now, change the path of your professional development!

A quién va dirigido: - Professionals Typical participants of this program, are professionals working or pursuing a career in HR. - Businesses Businesses that are keen to explore other models by adapting new methodologies. - Consultants Consultants, looking to further develop the value of their guidance, in order to approach client’s projects and needs through innovative methods.

Información adicional

Duración: 4 meses

Temario completo de este curso

M1. Today’s Competitiveness ModelsJordi Damià

  • Basic strategies options of gaining a competitive advantage: Cost leadership, differentiation and focus (Porter).
  • New business models based on digital solutions: Traditional, Digital, Collaborative and Usage Business Models.
  • New levels of competitiveness applying advanced digital strategies: Bowman Strategy Clock, Unique Selling Propositions (USP Analytics) and Core Competence Analysis.
  • Processes and investments needed to be more competitive in a digital and business ecosystem.

M2. Purely Digital Business ModelXavier Capellades
  • Native and evolutive digital business models: How to capture and drive a new digital marketplace.
  • Market and sector know-how advantages to offer new digital based products and services.
  • Disruptive innovation with the power to displace traditional business.
M3. Basic people skills and competenciesDavid Claramunt
  • New roles, advanced management skills, fast decision making profiles.
  • Techniques to preserve know-how whilst maintaining elastic and adaptive labor approach.
  • Flexibility and temporality of the labor market will require best people adaptable skills, what will bring high value into the organization.
  • Social media and Internet impact on employees and headhunters and recruiters.
M4. Management and innovation modelsRobin Weninger
  • New paradigms that have to lead to new business models and new forms of managing organizations. Business opportunities through new management methods.
  • Business process improvements for competitiveness and main tools to create sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Innovation management in production, distribution and management of both people and knowledge, as a key to generate new ideas and techniques for new products.
M5. Human ResourcesOlivier Van Duuren
  • Insights in the leading Trends (Digital, Consumer, Demographics, SocioEconomic, IR4.0) and their Impact on our Society, Industry and the Future of Work
  • Building Future Proof Organizations, Leadership, People and Teams – perform while transforming
  • Succeeding in Transformation: the customer at the heart, digital as the oxygen and people as the soul
  • Three phases of Human Resources affected by new digital technologies: Hire, Manage/develop, Retire
  • From Human Resources to Human Realization
M6. Collaborative modelsGonzalo Cuatrecases
  • How to avoid risks related to any kind of processes.
  • Simplifying processes through collaborative models.
  • Constant growing number of users as the arbitrator strengthens the collaborative models that begin to perpetuate this sector.
  • New consumers models: Broaden horizons and reinvent.

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